Budyonny horse

ОАО Конный завод им. Первой Конной Армии

Why are the Budyonny one of the best breeds of sport horses? At a first glance, it does not have an especially long history and for the first 30 years the breed was used in cavalry not sports competitions. How come then, in the 40 years following the Second World War, did the Budyonny achieve top places in show jumping ratings?

What is the secret?

The Budyonny is a young breed, dating back to the 15th of November 1948. It originated from two important breeds: the Thoroughbred and the Russian Don. The latter gave the Budyonny many important qualities, securing its popularity, such as endurance, strength, and relatively low maintenance. As a result, the horses were often used in the cavalry and later on in sports.

An important factor for breeding the Budyonny horses is to keep dams and foals together in a herd. This guarantees selection of healthy and strong horses for future breeding. As the foals follow the herd, they end up walking 25-30 km per day, which leads to them having a strong physique and great constitution. Therefore, such harmonious development secures their impressive performance in future sports competitions.

Specialists working on the Budyonny made sure to keep a variety of bloodlines and different types of horses in the breed in order to have a pool of studs and dams to later on choose from. Only the best horses were used to improve the breed: winners of races, finalists of sports competition and the most valuable individuals in the breed. The bloodline received horses that could endure considerable physical strain and then be able to recover quickly, which is the key to their success in sports today.

In the 1960s and 70s, many foreign bloodlines Raufbold (GER), Dark Ronald, Faktotum (GDR), Blandford (GB) were added to the breed, increasing the potential of Budyonny. In the beginning of the 1980s, Russian horse facilities adopted the practice of sports training, which led to many famous foreign horse riders choosing Budyonny - for example, Nona Garson, ludger beerbaum, Jurgen Sussmann.

Nowadays, Budyonnys are bred in many places: Rostov, Kalmykia, Krasnodar, Stavropol and so on. The livestock therefore is steadily increasing and the horses are successfully competing for top places in show jumping, eventing, and dressage.

The Budyonny is the breed of champions so come to get your one too!