Production and sale horses of Budyonny breed.

The stud farm named after the First Horse Army is the cradle of the Budyonny breed of horses. Here the breed was created and today it contains the largest population of broodmares of the Budyonny.

The official date of creation of the stud farm named after The First Horse Army is November 20, 1920. On this day, eight months after the end of the Civil war, the former economy of the horse breeder V. Korolkov was ranked to a Military Department. The stud farm got its modern name on February 23, 1923 – in honor of the fifth anniversary of the creation of the legendary First Horse Army.

The main direction of work of the stud farm is breeding, raising, training and sale of sports horses of the Budyonny breed.

The Budyonny breed is a young breed: it was approved on November 15, 1948. The Budyonny is a product of crossing of thoroughbred horse, Don, Arab, Karachay and Chernomor breeds.

The horses of the stud farm named after The First Horse Army are easy to recognize: tall, powerful, bony, and among the colours are not only traditionally red, but also bay and rarely black.

A lot of Champions are raised in the Stud farm named after The First Horse Army. Among them stallion Rezak— the winner of the regional championship of Russia in show jumping (routes 150 cm), stallion Neizbejny— multiple medalist of Russian Championships, stallion Rytsar — champion of Russia (1998), stallion Bekren — multiple winner and prize-winner of Championships and cups of Russia (in 1997-99), absolute champion in show jumping (2002), stallion Bizon — champion of Russia in show jumping (group ” B), (Moscow, 2005), and many others.

Even in the most joyless 90-ies the Budyonny horses always showed outstanding results and they were ridden by leading foreign sportsmen, such as N. Garson, L. Berbaum, Yu. Zyusman.

In 2012 the stud farm named after The First Horse Army passed into ownership of RZ-AGRO holding. After a difficult period of 90-ies the stud farm was not in the best condition. The premises of the stables required repair, there was not enough quality feed, equipment… but the managers of the holding took full responsibility for the stud farm and the unique Budyonny breed. Thanks to them, the best breeding stock of Budyonny horses was preserved, the arena was restored, the stables were repaired, the issue of quality feed was resolved, experienced coaches, young promising sportsmen, specialists in horse breeding were invited.

Currently, the horses of the stud farm undergo initial sports training, are tested in races. Well-coordinated work of the staff of racing and sports departments provides raising of qualitatively prepared horses which are ready to any further sports career.

Population of the Budyonny again increases, and the breed representatives successfully compete for the highest places as in traditional show jumping and eventing, and so in dressage (the most interesting that precisely the offspring from racing producers perfectly perform here).

Acquisition of young horses of the stud farm named after The First Horse Army is a guarantee of successful performances in the future.

The Budyonny is a breed of Champions. Come for new Champions to us!


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