About the stud farm

Location and territory of the stud farm


The stud farm named after the First Horse Army is located in Zernogradsky district of Rostov region, 120 km from Rostov-on-Don.

The plant occupies a huge territory, there are stables for sports horses, stables for young stock, training grounds: indoor and outdoor arenas, sprintgarten. Huge paddock for horses. Tale lines and fields for grazing horses. Big race lap. Hay and forage storages, which the stud farm produces itself.

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The main activity of the stud farm is the breeding and sale of horses of the Budyonny breed for professional and amateur sportsmen, as well as horses of hobby class.

Horses of the stud farm differ in the correct exterior, strong physique, possess force and endurance, the correct gaits and the stable balanced mentality.

The main directions of selection


Today there are two main directions of selection: the race horses and show-jumping in the stud farm. Between these disciplines are barrier racing, steeplechase and eventing, in which the horses of the stud farm also showed results of a very high level.

At present the breeding work in the stud farm is done by professional breeders and the results of this work can be seen in our Catalogue of horses

Number of horses


Currently, the stud farm contains about 250 horses. The tale line has almost 100 heads. 10 stallions. And foals under the age of three.

Training and preparation of young horses


All horses of the stud farm are trained in race and basic training like the “course of the young fighter”))) then the horses are distributed to specialized training departments and are trained under the guidance of Masters of sports and Master jockeys. Young stock passes race tests at the Rostov Hippodrome, as well as frequent broods-examination of horses and evaluation of jumping qualities in sprintgarten.

Our horses in sport


Many horses of the stud farm have shown and continue to show high results in sports.

Honored Sires


Thanks to competent work of breeders, the stud farm succeeded to get big and perspective posterity from the honored sires. The stallions that showed excellent results in sports passed their best qualities to their numerous offspring.


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